Chevy Volt Cost Calculator
Cost of Chevy Volt:
Tax Credit or Rebates for Volt:
Cost of New Gas Automobile:
Sales Tax Percent: %
Interest Rate Percentage: %
Number of Monthly Payments:
Miles per Gallon for Gas Automobile:
Average Price per Gallon of Gas:
Price per kWh of Electricity:
Total Miles of Daily Commute:
Daily Commutes per Week:
Number of Full Charges each Day:
Climate (Est Avg EV Range):
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Chevy Volt
Monthly Payment: $655
Monthly Electric Cost: $39
Monthly Gas Cost: $47
Total Monthly Cost: $742
Realized Monthly Tax Credit: $-105
Total Monthly Cost: $638
Gas Automobile
Monthly Payment: $398
Monthly Gas Cost: $260
Total Monthly Cost: $659
10 Year Cost
Chevy Volt: $50142

Gas Automobile: $59987

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  • Volt Average Battery Range over 10 Year Life = 27, 32, or 37 Miles depending on climate
  • Volt Average Miles per kWh = 3 MPK
  • Volt Average Miles per Gallon = 37 Miles
  • Volt Price per Gallon of Premium Gas = + 0.20 of above price
Calculation Assumptions:
  • Zero Maintenance Cost or Replacement of Primary Battery
  • Set Gas and Electricity Price